Photo Repair & Restoration Services

Class photo from the 1950's. 7 year old little Johnny thought he'd look better with a mustache, but half a century later his adult daughter wanted it "shaved off" so she could have it framed.

Starting at just $10

Whether you need your old photos touched up, or completely overhauled, I've got your back. Once I have a photo hardcopy I digitally import your damaged image using a high resolution scanner where I use digital photo retouching software to manipulate any rogue pixels, effectively and beautifully repairing:

•Rips and tears


•Surface scratches

•Bent corners

•Glue/tape residue

•Water spots

•Faded colors

•And more!

You can also send me the file directly if you have access to a high resolution scanner. The higher the resolution of the file, the better your retouched photo will look upon completion.

Portrait of a couple taken in the 1970's. There were some surface scratches, but the majority of work done to this image was merely adjusting and updating the colors, enhancing the photo just enough, while keeping the retro feel of the era and medium (film). Pictured: Marlene and Bill King

This is a portrait of my Grandfather, Kenny Halter, circa 1940's. This photo was likely stashed away in a box for the last 70+ years, leaving it vulnerable to being bent, creased, and scratched, all of which took place. This photo was the most severely damaged photo I have ever worked on. Thanks to the high resolution scan I was able to adjust and repair every blemish on this tiny 2½" ×4" photograph. I left the colors as they were to keep the vintage feel of the 1940's.