+ I want to order a print. How do you I go about doing that?

If you are interested in ordering a print, please use the contact page and fill out the form, specifiying which print by title, and the size of print you need. From there we can talk about paper types, shipping, and price. Please also be sure to include your primary conact information.

+Why is there no price listed?

Pricing will vary upon the size of the print, the type of paper being used. Once we determine those factors I will give you a quote. For a ballpark estimate, the prices can range from $25 for a small print on regular glossy or matte photo paper with quality fade-resistant ink, and up to $225 for high quality archival canvas with archival inks. There is a lot of space in between those prices, of course. Your print will be tailored to your liking to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

+Will you ship internationally?

We will ship to any country we can reach, but of course the prices will vary.

+How long for a print to arrive & how is it shipped?

From the point where we decide on the print size and paper type, you should expect your print in 2-3 weeks. We ship in a padded envelope with cardboard on either side and a protective page on the printed side via USPS media mail. You can pay extra for expedited shipping, should you want to speed up the process.

+Do you shoot weddings, parties, or other events?

Dustin is more of a landscape type photographer, as observed in his work, but we have no problem taking on portrait work*, modeling shoots, or head shots, graduations, or parties, etc. For weddings, it's not an impossibility, but we don't normally have the extra staff on hand to undertake something like that. That said, we do have some photographers and assistants to call on if such a proposal arises.

If you would like to hire Dustin for specific work, we will address any proposals via the form on the contact page. Please include the type of work, the date and time of the event, and your primary contact information.

*For portrait and modeling shoots please understand that photography is Dustin's part-time job, so we don't keep an open schedule for it. Dates could be backed up as far as a month.

+I want to hire you for an event. Are you local to my area?

The company is based in Philadelphia, PA. We prefer local work, but will travel within the Delaware Valley, provided that all commuting expenses will be the burden of the customer.

+What do you charge for portrait work, parties, etc.?

For estimates on individual proposals, please use the form on the contact page, submitting as much information as you can. We will reply promptly.